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Why Does My Son Get A’s In School but Can’t Read?

The Learning Illusion Why grades don’t determine what your child has learned April 26, 2016 “Hello, how can I help you?” “Yes, Ma’am my daughter is in the third grade and can’t read, she can’t complete her homework at night, and tells me that she does not understand her work, yet she gets A’s and […]

7 Things Every Parent and Teacher Should Know About Learning Challenges

Learning Problems: 7 things to consider if you think your child has difficulty learning. 1. Attention problems are often a symptom, not the real issue… In her book, Why Our Children Can’t Read Dr. Diane McGuinness says, “The worse you are at something, the more brain cells you need to do it, the harder it […]

Oppositional Defiant: She’s Only five years Old And They’re Already Labeling Her

2,040 miles from home My son asked to go to a surf shop to find a hat while we were on vacation. As we strolled the quaint little shops along the avenue, I felt pulled into a tiny boutique that was not even close to looking like a surf shop. My son  appeased me by […]

Difficulty Learning: Should Teachers Tell Parents About Problems?

Difficulty learning: there are two sides to every story Should teachers tell parents about suspected learning difficulties? This is a question that I am asked often, and stumped by always. Why? The answer seems simple to me. Of course teachers should be communicating with the parents about specific learning struggles that they are seeing. Why […]

Working Memory: The Tutoring Secret To Academic Learning.

Working Memory: The Tutoring Secret To Academic Learning In today’s “hurried world” we need to have a post-it note for everything. I hear parents and teachers telling kids all of the time, “Help me remember blah, blah blah……” “Do this, do that? Go here, no go there”. Then become increasingly frustrated when the kids and […]

Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities Learning disabilities is a phrase thrown around too lightly in educational circles. We don’t consider it an appropriate term because your child just needs to develop into his or her learning role.  Our tutoring programs boost your child’s capacity to learn.  Our programs identify the causes, which lead us to an individual learning […]

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