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Difficulty Learning: Should Teachers Tell Parents About Problems?

Difficulty learning: there are two sides to every story Should teachers tell parents about suspected learning difficulties? This is a question that I am asked often, and stumped by always. Why? The answer seems simple to me. Of course teachers should be communicating with the parents about specific learning struggles that they are seeing. Why […]

Working Memory: The Tutoring Secret To Academic Learning.

Working Memory: The Tutoring Secret To Academic Learning In today’s “hurried world” we need to have a post-it note for everything. I hear parents and teachers telling kids all of the time, “Help me remember blah, blah blah……” “Do this, do that? Go here, no go there”. Then become increasingly frustrated when the kids and […]

Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities Learning disabilities is a phrase thrown around too lightly in educational circles. We don’t consider it an appropriate term because your child just needs to develop into his or her learning role.  Our tutoring programs boost your child’s capacity to learn.  Our programs identify the causes, which lead us to an individual learning […]

Psychological Concerns

Psychological Concerns We understand the challenges that certain psychological factors can pose to learning and behavior in young children and adolescents.  There’s good news though.  Improvements in cognitive research tools have increased the level of success well beyond results normally seen in the last 10 years. There are effective processes today that improve: ADHD Impact […]

Tutoring Services Offered At The Cognitive Emporium

Tutoring Services Is your child struggling and unable to learn at a ‘normal’ pace? First of all, there’s nothing wrong with your approach.  It may be that your child’s learning pathways simply need to be strengthened so they absorb what they’re learning faster. Our tutoring services use advanced cognitive techniques that can vastly improve: Working […]

Workshops & Inservices For Academic Achievement In Hendersonville, TN

Academic Inservices in Hendersonville, TN The Cognitive Emporium is proud to provide inservices on a range of topics surrounding how and why children struggle with academic achievement. Educational inservices can be scheduled for your school’s teachers or parent support groups. If you are interested in a presentation for your group on a specific topic, we […]

How a 10-minute call can solve years of emotional pain

For parents who struggle, yell, and eventually give up on tutoring their children, a 10-minute call with Kyra Minichan of The Cognitive Emporium can pinpoint the barriers your child is facing. The call is complimentary...simply schedule 10 minutes with Kyra by clicking the "Book Now" button.