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A surprising fact about Dyslexia that I learned from Forrest Gump

When Managing Dyslexia, You Never Know What You’re Going to Get Many years ago when I began my work in dyslexia, I quickly realized that the experts who were trying to teach about it were missing the mark and, often times, overcomplicating things. While with my training I was able to interpret the data, the […]

9 Steps for Discovering Gold in the Smart but Struggling Student

9 Steps for Discovering Gold in the Smart but Struggling Student I’ve been accused of being a gold-digger and I’m okay with that. I think there’s nothing more valuable than uncovering the potential in the students we see at The Cognitive Emporium. But like digging for gold, finding and digging up the hidden potential in […]

Treatment Progress: To See Change, Change Perspective

Treatment Progress: Seeing Change Requires Changing What We Look At During a recent snow, I went outside so I could capture a picture of the tiny snowflakes systematically falling to the ground transforming our backyard into a winter wonderland. During a recent snow, I went outside so I could capture a picture of the tiny […]

10 Ways Amazon Alexa Can Help Children with Dyslexia

10 Ways Amazon Alexa Can Help Students with Dyslexia Students with dyslexia just gained a new friend and her name is Alexa. When used correctly this brilliant piece of technology, can make learning faster and more efficient for the struggling learner. A dilemma parents often face when their child struggles with reading, is how much […]

Self-Confidence: Developing Your Child’s Foundation for Learning

Self-Confidence & Cognition: Building the Connections to Learn If the only thing your child gained from our cognitive skills training intervention was self-confidence, would it be worth it? According to the parents whose children have been through our program, the answer is a resounding “Yes.” The number one feedback I hear from parents after their […]

Hidden Struggles: Diagnosing Learning Disabilities in the Classroom

Problems or People? The Struggle to Learn in the Classroom The picture above shows 6 actual spelling tests administered to a second-grade public school classroom at the end of December in America. None of these 6 children have been diagnosed with a learning disability and all are considered to have average intelligence.   While no […]

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How a 10-minute call can solve years of emotional pain

For parents who struggle, yell, and eventually give up on tutoring their children, a 10-minute call with Kyra Minichan of The Cognitive Emporium can pinpoint the barriers your child is facing. The call is complimentary...simply schedule 10 minutes with Kyra by clicking the "Book Now" button.


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