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You & Your ADHD Child: New Year Goals

Knowing how to set reasonable, attainable goals is an essential skill difficult for those with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). ADHD symptoms like poor working memory, inattention, disorganization, and executive dysfunction often derail efforts to set goals and obtain results. That is why parents need to help their kids learn how to set goals and follow through.

Six Holiday Gift Ideas For High School and College Students With ADHD!

Six Holiday Gift Ideas that help students work smarter not harder! Are you looking for gift ideas to help students who struggle with executive function skills? Here are six to help you get organized, keep track of important stuff, declutter, and be more productive. This list is for high school and college students, but parents […]

Holiday Gift Ideas That Can Enhance Math Skills!

In today’s blog post, I share 10-holiday gift ideas to enhance math skills. Did you know that logic and reasoning directly affect math skills? Have you ever been helping your child with their math homework, and you keep seeing the “deer in the headlight” look? Chances are they have weak logic and reasoning skills. Logical […]

2020 Recap and Reflection

You can do hard things! It is a phrase you will hear me often say to kids. However, this year, I honestly felt like kids were looking to adults everywhere and whispering those words to us.  I don’t like it when I am experiencing pain, and someone tells me, “Everything happens for a reason.” Maybe […]

The Ultimate Holiday 2020 Gift Guide For Online Learning

In today’s blog post, I share 10-holiday gift ideas to enhance attention and focus and help students stay motivated during online learning. For many kids making the transition from in-person to online classes has not been easy. It has been especially challenging for kids with ADHD and executive function weaknesses. For this 2020 holiday season, […]

Randy: A Story Of Hope and Gratitude.

10 Ways Amazon Alexa Can Help Students with Dyslexia Do you have that one ornament that, every time you go to hang it on your Christmas tree, you become emotional? For years, I have been collecting Christmas ornaments from the places that I have traveled. Every year when my family decorates our Christmas tree, we […]

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How a 10-minute call can solve years of emotional pain

For parents who struggle, yell, and eventually give up on tutoring their children, a 10-minute call with Kyra Minichan of The Cognitive Emporium can pinpoint the barriers your child is facing. The call is complimentary...simply schedule 10 minutes with Kyra by clicking the "Book Now" button.


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